Summary of Conversational Inputs

January 2016

Throughout fall 2015, the project management team consulted with community members both inside and outside of the University to gain their perspectives on what makes U of G great and what its future should look like.


The team prepared an organized summary of the inputs they received between October and December 2015. These inputs included notes based on conversations, written submissions and social media posts.


The strategic renewal advisory committee used the summary as a primary reference document as they worked to identify the draft strategic themes that would form the basis of the strategic framework.


Strategic Renewal Process – Summary of Conversational Inputs

  • Section A – On being strategic: Community reflections
  • Section B – Institutional identity
  • Section C – Core mandates: Teaching and research
  • Section D – Excellence in a comprehensive university
  • Section E – Organizational enhancement: Building culture; streamlining structures
  • Section F – Opening new possibilities


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  • As a staff member I am disappointed that the summary of inputs does not include transparency, accountability and respect for the specific community of those who work on this campus every day.

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