A Message from the President

September 2015

Dr. Franco Vaccarino
President and Vice-Chancellor

The University of Guelph is a world leader in research, teaching and knowledge sharing. We have earned this legacy because we have stayed true to our roots while adapting to meet the emerging needs of our students and our society.

Our history and our traditions let us grow from a place of strength. We will exist as a University that is relevant and inspiring to our current and future students, our faculty and staff, our alumni and our partners.

The Strategic Renewal process is an opportunity for us to articulate a common purpose that will shape the University’s future.

We don’t know what the future holds, what future decisions governments will make, or what global forces will shape our research and our learning. But, we do know that in order to successfully adapt to whatever the future will bring, it is key to be prepared. We can do this by ensuring we define with clarity our common identity and what we can offer to shape our University’s evolution and future impact.

The work ahead of us is important. It’s significant. And it’s also invigorating. I want to hear your ideas. I want to hear why U of G is important to you – why you chose it as an educational institution, as an employer, as a partner, or as a place to conduct research and share your knowledge. I want to hear your view on the strategic direction needed to secure its future.

This is an initiative for the University by the University and all its stakeholders both on and off campus. We’re relying on internal expertise to manage this project and to create final recommendations that truly epitomize U of G, inviting input from everyone who cares about its future.

We’ll be reaching out over the year to get your input and ideas. We’re particularly interested in hearing your general thoughts on the University as it stands today.

I encourage all of you to get involved in the conversation so that together, we can shape our future.

Dr. Franco Vaccarino