Strategic Renewal Team

Senior Leadership

President Vaccarino is leading this initiative with the assistance of our four vice-presidents, under the guidance of the Board of Governors and the Senate. An advisory committee has been drawn from the broader University community and will contribute its expertise to the work ahead.

Project Management Team

To oversee this exciting and meaningful project, President Vaccarino has selected a skilled project-management team.

Serge Desmarais

Dr. Desmarais is a full professor, a former Canada Research Chair in applied social psychology, and the current associate vice-president (academic) at the University of Guelph. He is an active researcher and has authored and co-authored a variety of well-respected publications. He began his work with the University of Guelph in 1995. Dr. Desmarais’s expertise in various forms of research methods along with his training in applied social psychology will be invaluable as we gather information from the University community and interpret this feedback to capture the views and perceptions of its members.

Dr. Desmarais will gather and analyze feedback from community consultations to shape the Strategic Renewal project’s final recommendations. He will develop the questions that will help us understand what the University of Guelph can and should be.

“This is an excellent opportunity for everyone affiliated with the University to help shape its path forward. This community is deeply invested in the University and recognizes its amazing potential. Together, we will identify what makes this institution great so we can capitalize on opportunities that arise in the years to come.” – Serge Desmarais

Vicki Hodgkinson

Vicki is a Special Advisor to the President with a strong background in strategic projects. In her previous role as University Secretary, she led community consultations as part of the search for U of G’s newest president. She joined the University of Guelph in 1998 after spending 11 years developing postsecondary public policy. She has led and advanced a number of important University initiatives over the past 17 years.

Using her deep understanding of the University and its community, Vicki will facilitate each stage of engagement throughout the Strategic Renewal process.

“It’s up to us, working together, to be ready with a strategic vision that will continue to advance the University through uncertain times. We know the University of Guelph has something special. This is our chance to put words to its essence and map out the ways it will be preserved and enhanced over the next five to ten years.” – Vicki Hodgkinson

Kerry Daly

Kerry is a full professor who joined our Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition in 1987. His skills as a qualitative researcher will be essential to the Strategic Renewal process. He has held a number of leadership roles in the University, including Dean of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. He also co-founded the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI).

Kerry will facilitate conversations across campus and collaborate on analyzing themes that emerge from those dialogues.

“Through the traditions and philosophies of the founding colleges, the University of Guelph has an established record of making a difference in the everyday lives of Canadians. The Strategic Renewal process is an opportunity for the University to build on these strengths and bring creativity, leadership and innovation to the knowledge economy.” – Kerry Daly

Emily Christofides

Emily Christofides

Emily is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology. She received her doctorate in Applied Social Psychology and master’s in Marketing & Consumer Studies, both at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses primarily on understanding the theory and applications of privacy, particularly as they apply to the challenges posed by new media and technology.

Emily brings her skills and experience as a qualitative researcher to the strategic renewal process, collaborating in the collection and analysis of input offered to the project including through its facilitated conversations.

Eve Lampert

Administrative Support

Eve recently completed her master of science degree with our Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences. She has a background in research from both her undergrad and master’s degree studies. Eve has always been active on campus and gave valuable assistance to the Wellness Education Centre and Student Health Services.

Eve will provide administrative support for the project and will be a main point of contact for many stakeholders.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to help shape our University’s future. I appreciate any opportunity to have conversations about the University of Guelph and what we can do to continue making it extraordinary.” – Eve Lampert