Moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of Strategic Renewal

We’re in the process of wrapping up Phase 1 of our strategic renewal project. It’s been an invigorating few months. I want to thank everyone who has taken time to make their voices heard through face-to-face sessions and online conversations. Your feedback, both the positive and the constructive, will help shape the University’s future over the next five to 10 years.

Since we launched the strategic renewal project in September, we have:

  • Had more than 100 formal and informal conversations with different stakeholder groups from around campus
  • Heard feedback from 65 Senators who spoke with people in their U of G networks
  • From those conversations, met face-to-face with close to 1,000 students, faculty and staff to talk about the future of our University. You can hear some of their comments in our strategic renewal videos.
  • Had over 6,000 visits to our @UofGRenewal Twitter profile and dozens of comments using #ChartOurPath
  • Received more than 50 written suggestions through

We have heard your thoughts on what we’re good at, where we should be heading, and some of the things we need to do to achieve long-term goals. As we enter Phase 2 of the strategic renewal process, we’ll be looking for more ideas on how to become the type of institution we want to be.

Phase 2 of the strategic renewal process kicks off in January. In Phase 2, our process involves:

  1. Officially forming and meeting with the Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee.
  2. Working with the Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee to identify common ideas from Phase 1 feedback.
  3. Reaching out to our stakeholders both within the University and in the broader community to ask for their opinions on those themes.
  4. Sharing the cumulative Phase 1 feedback and ongoing progress with the University community including the Senate and Board of Governors.

Throughout January and early February, we’ll be engaging with you through social media and our strategic renewal website to keep you thinking about U of G’s future. Then, in late-February, we’ll begin more formal conversations about the ideas and themes the Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee has identified.

The deep commitment our community has to this University is very clear. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts about U of G. Together, we will chart our path toward the future.

Dr. Franco J. Vaccarino
President and Vice-Chancellor