Update on Progress: Themes ready for review soon

First-phase strategic renewal conversations wrapped up at the end of December. Now, the advisory committee is working on summarizing inputs from the fall into a number of overarching themes and exploring those themes further. The result will be a draft document that will be shared with the community for consultation. Feedback from that consultation will be used to prepare a final set of recommendations for the Senate and Board of Governors to review.

President Vaccarino and members of the Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee provide an update on strategic renewal

What Happens Next?

What's Next


The Final Product: What to Expect

When the strategic renewal process is complete, we’ll provide a widely available, high-level document that contains aspirational stretch-goals for the University.

Over the next five to 10 years, this document will be a critical platform in developing all of the University’s academic and operational plans.

Beginning in fall 2016, we’ll share regular updates about the University’s future plans that reflect the strategic goals and how we’re progressing with them.


How you can get involved:

  • Keep up-to-date on the process and offer your thoughts about the committee’s working documents through the strategic renewal website or by emailing stratplan@uoguelph.ca.
  • In April, watch for information on the overarching strategic themes and offer your comments.
  • Stay tuned for the release of the draft strategic renewal document and voice your opinion.
  • Review the Summary of Conversational Inputs on the website and share your thoughts.
  • Engage through social media by tweeting @UofGRenewal and using #ChartOurPath.


Why strategic renewal matters

A renewed strategic vision will help us capture the University’s common purpose and what its future should look like over the next five to 10 years. Through strategic renewal, we’ll reclaim and assert essential traditions and long-standing areas of strength, while integrating them with new opportunities. Together, we are charting our path forward.


What we have achieved so far

Learn more about the process and what we’ve done so far.

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