Advisory Committee Formed and Conversations Summary Now Available

With the start of the New Year, the University of Guelph moves into the next phase of its strategic renewal project.

In the fall, stakeholders both inside and outside of the University shared their ideas and suggestions for U of G’s future. In Phase 2 – Theme Exploration, we’re digging deeper into those contributions.


Advisory Committee Formed

To help with that exploration, a 35-member strategic renewal advisory committee has been formed.

The committee includes faculty, staff, students, board members, alumni, and members of the external community. The committee is chaired by President Vaccarino.


See What’s Been Said So Far

A sorted collection of everything we’ve heard so far is now available on the project website. The advisory committee will use the Summary of Conversational Inputs document to identify overarching themes that will be further explored in the months ahead.


What Happens Next?

January to March

  • Advisory committee reviews contributions from fall conversations
  • Working with project management team, advisory committee summarizes that material into overarching themes
  • Further exploration of identified themes to create a draft set of recommendations and related community consultations


Our strategic renewal process will help us articulate a common vision that will guide the University over the next five to 10 years. Together, we can chart our path toward the future.