September – December 2015

We’ll begin by inviting all members of the University community to join us for conversations about U of G. Together, we’ll explore open-ended questions about the future direction of our University. This phase will include small group discussions led by members of Senate, facilitated conversations led by the project management team, and various forms of online engagement.


January – April 2016

We’ll take everything we heard from our Phase 1 consultations and, with help from a broadly representative committee (the Strategic Renewal Advisory Committee), summarize it into a number of overarching themes. In Phase 2, working with the Advisory Committee, we will explore those themes further and consult with the community again to create a final set of recommendations.

Creating our
Renewed Strategic Plan

May – June 2016

Emerging from the second round of consultations, we’ll draft a renewed Strategic Plan that will guide the evolution of the University over the next five to 10 years. We’ll present it to the Senate and the Board of Governors in June with a request for approval. Once the plan is approved, we’ll move forward with developing and executing plans to bring it to life.

Help Chart Our Path Towards Strategic Renewal